Wet and Dry: Painting to the Edges

WET AND DRY invite copy

‘WET AND DRY painting to the edges’ Observer Building Hastings 2015 Curated by ABC projects

WET AND DRY is an exhibition of contemporary painters, whose works explore the fertile ground which our natural and man made boarders expose and reveal.  The exhibition will showcase six artists: Matthew Burrows, Simon Burton, The Baron Gilvan, Gerard Hemsworth, Mario Rossi and Rose Wylie.
The works on display combine comedy, humour and storytelling; and an unusually broad range of subjects: Nature, myth, religion, history and the everyday, rub shoulders with images of the sea, birds, boats, dancing ladies, skulls, grass and stones. There is even a demon or two.
This exhibition is about painting towards the edges: the edges of paint, image and meaning.  This is made all the more exciting by its location on the borders of land and sea; and firmly on the frontiers of regeneration, both physical and cultural.   P1150790 lowres P1150791 lowres P1150792 lowres P1150796 lowres P1150797 lowres P1150799 lowres P1150800 lowres P1150804 lowres P1150805 lowres P1150795 lowres P1150801 lowres P1150802 lowres P1150803 lowres P1150785 lowresP1150786 lowresP1150787 lowresP1150796 lowres