Write up by Barnaby Sadler aged 5

Catkins class visit to Chris Gilvan’s studio by Barnaby Sadler aged 5

It was awesome! There were a hundred and twenty two paintings! The house was white and everything inside was white , except the paintings. There were paintings on the walls and paintings on easels. He has got really big paintbrushes. I like the big easels. There were black paintings and coloured in paintings. Chris told us that artists do paintings on boards sometimes and in books and everywhere and he really likes painting! He did a painting at the station by my house and Ive got one of his pretty colourful ones with pink and yellow and it looks like fire and dinosaurs and it makes me feel happy.


The Baron at Rottingdean Windmill



Artist Chris Gilvan-Cartwright aka The Baron Gilvan will be in residence at Rottingdean Windmill during the weekends of the Brighton Festival, May 2017.

The Baron will set up his studio in the windmill to create magnificent paintings, drawings and animations investigating psychological dreamworlds through automatism and intuition. These raw, unflinching works of art are portals between an inner and outer reality, exploring the dynamics of the imagination.

‘Art is born of trauma’, says Gilvan-Cartwright who’s work references his own life experiences which have caused him to question the relationship with reality and illusion. ‘I present the work through the conduit of The Baron Gilvan, an enabler to inspire the fantastical and doubtful – a vehicle to present the truth in flux.

The Windmill once converted the energy of elemental force into rotational power in order to mill grain and feed the village. Now the Rottingdean Windmill becomes a fantastical playground studio where The Baron feverishly converts line and paint into food for the soul.

Narratives involve foolish Admirals, musicians in reverie and hermits who are lost or abandoned in exquisitely rendered tangled landscapes drawn out in continuous line on large sheets of paper, canvas and cardboard. Upstairs, madcap animations play out, featuring heroic and fallen characters.

‘Snowball Down A Mountain’ is an invitation to enter the world of The Baron Gilvan’s imagination and perhaps seek your own enlightenment there.

‘The Baron is a creation that makes dingy rooms glow’   Robin Ince, comedian and broadcaster

Exhibition Private View Friday 5th May 6-8pm

Opening times Sat & Sun 1-4.30pm

weekends of 6/7th,13/14th, 20/21st, 27/28th May 2017.

Rottingdean Windmill, Beacon Hill, Rottingdean, Nr Brighton, East Sussex.

Wet and Dry: Painting to the Edges

WET AND DRY invite copy

‘WET AND DRY painting to the edges’ Observer Building Hastings 2015 Curated by ABC projects

WET AND DRY is an exhibition of contemporary painters, whose works explore the fertile ground which our natural and man made boarders expose and reveal.  The exhibition will showcase six artists: Matthew Burrows, Simon Burton, The Baron Gilvan, Gerard Hemsworth, Mario Rossi and Rose Wylie.
The works on display combine comedy, humour and storytelling; and an unusually broad range of subjects: Nature, myth, religion, history and the everyday, rub shoulders with images of the sea, birds, boats, dancing ladies, skulls, grass and stones. There is even a demon or two.
This exhibition is about painting towards the edges: the edges of paint, image and meaning.  This is made all the more exciting by its location on the borders of land and sea; and firmly on the frontiers of regeneration, both physical and cultural.   P1150790 lowres P1150791 lowres P1150792 lowres P1150796 lowres P1150797 lowres P1150799 lowres P1150800 lowres P1150804 lowres P1150805 lowres P1150795 lowres P1150801 lowres P1150802 lowres P1150803 lowres P1150785 lowresP1150786 lowresP1150787 lowresP1150796 lowres

Talk at Central Bedfordshire College 29/1/15

A return to Central Bedfordshire College for The Baron to give a talk to Celeste Henney’s lovely students studying fine art, graphics and illustration. Topics covered What is The Baron?, What is the form of The Baron? Virtual Worlds and the unconscious psyche, Archetypes, patterns of behaviour and the collective neurosis, Automatic drawing techniques and collaborations.
The trombone was played to cleanse the space and I was back on the M1 heading home by 3pm.