London Art Fair 2015

Good day going round the art fair in Islington with artist Simon Burton , checking out his painting at John Martin Gallery looking strong. Also Matthew Burrows at Vigo Gallery next to Alan Reynolds stand out. Exquisite Pipers, Sutherlands and Maurice Cockrill with a great Bomberg portrait at the British Modern section. It always seems the smaller paintings/drawings tucked away that stand out for me at these fairs.

The Winter Garden at James Freeman Gallery

Currently showing work at  James Freeman Gallery, 354 Upper St – London N1 0PD.
‘The Winter Garden’
This a group show designed to bring the year to a close by combining artists we have worked with over the past year together with artists showing with the gallery for the first time. The result is something dynamic, a Janus-like exhibition that looks to both the past and the future as the New Year rises on the horizon.